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It’s 1:37 in the morning as I write this.  I’ve obviously had too much caffeine.

My name is Scott.  College friends call me “Skinny,” travel friends call me “Snakessss,” my parents call me “son,” and most others simply call me “yo, gringo,” or some such thing.  It’s okay, I don’t take offense.

I’ve always liked the word “gringo.”  Originally a negative term coined by non-English-speaking Mexicans and directed at green-uniformed U.S. soldiers during the Mexican-American War (“hey Green, go home!”), the word stuck and, though sometimes directed at ignorant whiteys in general, it mostly just refers to White Americans.  Should “white” be capitalized in this context?  Ugh, OCD alert.  Anyway…as an aficionado of most things Mexican, I’ve always found the word more endearing than hostile.  Maybe that’s just me.

BTW, you’ll get a much better sense of who I am and what I’m “about” by reading my blog entries.  The musings and pics on this site are written/taken by me unless noted otherwise.  I’ve been fortunate to visit many corners of the globe, and as such, many entries are travel-themed.  I lived in Mexico City for two years, and am still churning out content reflective of my time there.  I’ve also been known to wax poetic about movies, politics, pop culture, and life in general.  At the moment I’m trying to write more entries related to hiking, photography, and my new life in Tennessee.  Basically, anything’s game. Think of this blog as my way of channeling my never-ending “potpourri” of thoughts, actions, and reactions into something I hope an open-minded reader can appreciate.  I can’t promise that every entry will be G-rated, but I’ll try and keep the foul language to a minimum.  🙂

I hope you’ll browse around and comment on topics of interest.  I’m open to special requests if you want to hear my thoughts about a particular topic.  And I love feedback.

One more thing: All articles and photos on here are the property of GringoPotpourri unless otherwise noted.  I don’t mind if you forward an article or link of mine that you find interesting, as long as you give me fair credit.  But if you borrow something for profit, please ask my permission first, as I make no money from this site myself.

Thanks for stopping by, Loyal Reader!

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