Ten More Holiday Songs (11-20)

It is Christmas Eve. The wine has been uncorked to breathe, the oven is preheating, and Molly the Dog is sleeping by my side as I proof-read this entry, my last post for 2015.

The weather is humid and uncharacteristically warm, so I don’t foresee any snow falling between tonight and tomorrow morning. Either despite that or because of that, I have been in a real “sounds of the seasons” mood. Yesterday, I got home from work and gave a listen to each of the songs in last year’s blog post, The Top Ten Holiday Songs. I might jostle a few of those rankings around, but I still find it to be a good, diverse list. And of course, with so many seasonal songs to choose from, I couldn’t stop at just ten.

Ten More Holiday Songs (with YouTube links):

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Top Ten Holiday Songs

Can you believe that Christmas is just over a month away? Where did the year go?!?! What makes time fly even faster is the fact that between unseasonably cold temperatures and endless snowfall near the Great Lakes, the calendar has seemingly flipped directly from October to December!

I don’t mean to bypass Thanksgiving by writing that; I am working on a Turkey Day-themed post for sometime next week. It is merely that everywhere I turn, it feels like Christmas. Even the radio is filled with holiday carols. As such, I have decided to embrace the season’s early arrival.

Last year I blogged about my top ten favorite holiday movies. (I even threw in one about Thanksgiving for good measure!) For this year, I toyed with writing a post entitled “Another Top Ten Holiday Movies,” but ultimately decided to share my taste in holiday music with you instead. Here are a few of my seasonal favorites – festive and somber, spiritual and secular, English and otherwise. I selected their best renditions (remakes mostly suck) and put their YouTube links below. I make no promises that the links are ad-free; you have been warned.

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