40 at 40 – A GringoPotpourri Q&A

North Rim Grand Canyon 20

I turned 40 two weeks ago. The feeling is a bit surreal. On the one hand, most people tell me that I look young for my age. On the other hand, I can’t believe that I’ve completed four decades of living, and I’m disappointed that I’m not “where I should be” in my life considering that I’m a college graduate who has traveled around the world. At least that dreadful phrase “Over the Hill” has become passé.

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FAQs about My Life in Mexico

Don Camilo Restaurante 2

As you know, I spent almost two years living in Mexico City. I worked, played, and made a life there before deciding to return to the U.S. – what I affectionately refer to as Gringolandia – two months ago.

To many – most – people, Mexico City might seem like a strange choice for a place to live. While I had spent considerable time in and around Mexico DF before actually moving there (I didn’t enter into my decision to move there lightly), it was nevertheless a life choice rife with surprises and unexpected challenges.

If you’ve followed this blog for some time, you may have heard some of this before. Last week, however, I stumbled upon a similarly-themed blog post from The Paper Planes Blog about expat living in Thailand. Her FAQ-themed entry – and her entire blog, in fact – is insightful and fun, and it inspired me to write something similar – if inferior in quality.

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