Another Ten Great Stephen King Books (#21-30)

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The sheer number of page views for my Top Ten Stephen King Books and my Ten More Great Stephen King Books blog posts from January, 2015 and April, 2015, respectively, surely say more about my readership’s love for King’s writing than for my own.

I recently breezed through Mr. King’s most recent novel, “Finders Keepers,” as well as his latest short story collection, “The Bazaar of Bad Dreams.”  Good reads both.  I am currently reading, for the third time, King’s third novel, “The Shining,” and will likely follow that up with its stellar 2013 sequel, “Doctor Sleep.”  In other words: I simply can’t get enough of SK’s writing.

I thought I would continue my literary ranking of his body of work with the next ten best Stephen King books.  To whit:

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