The Inter-Review

You surely remember the hubbub last December when, following the hack of Sony Studios computers, Sony decided to cancel the theatrical release of “The Interview.” The film’s premise: The travel plans of a U.S. journalist and his producer who journey to North Korea to interview Kim Jong-un are compromised when the pair is handed an assassination mission by the CIA. Although the film is a comedy, news of its existence is was said to have ruffled the feathers of high-ranking muckety-mucks in North Korea. Upon learning of the film’s release last fall, Kim Jong-un supposedly called the plot “an act of war.”

It was later revealed that the Sony breach was the handiwork of a group of terrorist hackers from (or sympathetic to) North Korea that called themselves the “Guardians of Peace,” and that this group promised multiple acts of terror should the studio release the film. Caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place, Sony announced that it would not release the movie, and was put in an even worse position when the Hollywood elite screamed about freedom of speech violations. The decision by Sony ultimately cost the studio $45 million and cost the studio’s chairperson, Amy Pascal, her job.

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