Where am I #5

This pic was taken quite a bit closer to where I currently live than previous pics in this series. Where was I?


Author: gringopotpourri

Gringo - aka Scott - was born outside of Chicago and has lived most of his life in or around big cities. He spent two years of his adult life in Mexico City (talk about big cities!) and fell in love with Mexican food, history, and women, all while weathering the culture shock. Life's journey has since brought him to rural Tennessee, perhaps the biggest culture shock of them all. Scott also enjoys movies, hiking, and travel in general.

3 thoughts on “Where am I #5”

    1. It is indeed. I too have been there twice. My first visit was years ago, in the fall of the year. The grass had turned brown and you could scramble to the top of the Pyramid of the Moon (the pyramid in the BG of the pic). I returned there recently after several days of rain and the grasses were green but the Pyramid of the Moon was closed for preservation. Went on a weekday and there was hardly anyone around…an awesome experience for such a huge place!

      Thanks for guessing!

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