Where am I #21

This Sunday we celebrate Easter. Jews celebrate Passover. In Latin America, the entire week is known as “Semana Santa” (Holy Week). A common tradition in cities big and small is the religious procession, with locals costumed as Roman soldiers, Pontius Pilate, etc. They burn incense and carry large parade floats featuring Crucifixion and Resurrection images throughout the streets. Locals stay awake all day and night before the parades to create elaborate alfombras, which are colorful “carpets” made of damp, colored sawdust. The carpets often include images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, or simple proclamations of peace. The highlight is watching the parade march over your alfombra, essentially destroying it.

As it happens, I often find myself in Latin America during this time of year – and not always on purpose, either. Which Latin American city and country am I visiting in this photo?


Where am I #14

The monument in the photo below was originally meant to be a government palace, but construction plans were altered literally as the foundation was being poured. Today it features an underground museum and a top-floor observation deck, while the surrounding plaza exists as a popular gathering place for buskers, protesters, college students, and campaigning politicians.

Where am I?