Another 25 Things about Me that You Might Not Know

Last week I stumbled upon a post of mine from 2014 entitled “25 (More) Things about Me that You Might Not Know.” I gave it – and the original post from the year before – a fresh read, and decided that this blog needs another post on the same topic. After all, a lot (or not much at all, depending on your outlook) has happened since 2014. Oh, one more thing: I’m keeping politics out of it!

Another 25 Things about Me:

1) I am a Taurus, and am as bull-headed as my Zodiac sign suggests.

2) I enjoy karaoke.

3) I have gone skinny dipping on more than one occasion.

4) I once almost passed out from dehydration while hiking in the desert on a 115-degree day. (Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time.)

5) Jobs I have held range from McDonald’s burger flipper to advertising executive to outdoor sign waver to call center supervisor.

6) I have literally been attacked by baboons and shit on by monkeys.

7) I have never seen a full episode of “I Love Lucy” – just a few snippets here and there. On a related note, Lucille Ball’s voice is like that of a banshee on heroin.

8) Chicago is very much a Cubs town, but I grew up a White Sox fan.

9) I am a PADI-certified Adventure Diver, but haven’t been diving in over 10 years.

10) As a child, I was scared of the water, and didn’t learn how to swim until I was a teenager.

11) I am an oenophile.

12) Antarctica is at the top of my Travel Bucket List.

13) I would one day like to visit Iran.

14) I am much more of a “salt” person than a “sugar” person.

15) I drink three cups of coffee each morning…black.

16) My snack weakness lately has been peanut butter filled pretzel pillows.

17) I recently tried Brussels sprouts for the first time; they weren’t as bad as I feared they might be.

18) I hated pizza when I was a child.

19) I have watched every Oscar winner for Best Picture except for “Cavalcade” (1933) and “The Broadway Melody” (1929). Of the 87 winners that I have seen, “The Godfather” is my favorite by a country mile.

20) I have never seen any of the “Twilight” or “Fast and Furious” movies…and something tells me I’m not missing much.

21) My Halloween costume last fall was that of an Arab sheikh for Halloween last fall, but my coworkers thought I was dressed as a terrorist. Some of them were not amused.

22) Although I sometimes post about Stephen King on this site, my favorite book is actually “1984,” by George Orwell.

23) I have a huge extended family consisting of over 10 aunts and uncles and dozens of first, second, and third cousins. My immediate family is rather small, however; aside from my father, who recently underwent knee surgery, I have just one sister, whom I see perhaps twice a year.

24) This was never an issue as a kid, but in recent years I seem to have developed a serious allergy to springtime pollen and extreme humidity. Symptoms include cluster headaches, sneezing fits, and a non-stop runny nose. Taking meds such as Zyrtec only makes things worse.

25) Most nights I share my bed with a beautiful blonde. Her name is Molly and she is a six-year-old golden retriever. All signs point to her being the love of my life.

And that’s it! Thanks for humoring me. Was there anything on here that made you smile, or that caught you by surprise?


Author: gringopotpourri

Gringo - aka Scott - was born outside of Chicago and has lived most of his life in or around big cities. He spent two years of his adult life in Mexico City (talk about big cities!) and fell in love with Mexican food and culture all while weathering the challenges of life in a city with over 20 million people. Life's unpredictable journey has since brought him to Tennessee, where he is close to family and to the natural beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains. Scott also enjoys movies, hiking, top ten lists, and travel in general.

15 thoughts on “Another 25 Things about Me that You Might Not Know”

  1. concur on 22, 12, 13. wish i was more of 11. same with 20 and I’m sure you’re right. 9 would be good, wouldn’t mind heading down to the Bay Islands in Honduras sometime to get certified.

    1. Hi Peter, I received my PADI certification on the Great Barrier Reef, but have heard great things about the coral reefs in Honduras and Belize.

      Thanks for reading and I hope you are well!


    1. As a child, I thought it looked and smelled funny. I like it now, but still don’t eat it very often. My favorite flavor is pepperoni (with the edges of the pepperonis slightly blackened).

      What is SMH?

  2. Loved this. Interesting facts. Fellow bull right here. How can any child hate pizza? haha Also love that you’ve seen almost every Oscar Best Picture winner (life goals). Would love to go to Antarctica and Iran too. Iran recently made it to my interest radar.

      1. April 21. Yours? I did not see Moonlight! I know it had rave reviews but I kinda just didn’t want to watch it :s Austin is growing on me, but it’s losing points on the recent weather temperature uptake. (I’m not a hot weather person.)

      2. You should see it. If nothing else, it’s not’s very long, which is refreshing for the Best Picture category.

        I’ve never been to Austin. Hear great, great things about it.

  3. Love the photo of you in the Arab sheik costume. Back when I was teaching I used to collect attire from the Latin American countries I would visit, and then wear the outfits to school. Those who didn’t know the “crazy Spanish teacher” would give me odd looks as they passed me in the hall.

      1. All is well here in CDMX. Can’t believe that this trip is more than half over already! But I’ll be back in August!

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